Privacy Policy

We value our customers’ privacy and that is why we do not tolerate spamming. Our e-mail newsletter is only on the basis of a preexisting business relationship with our clients. Moreover, every e-mail contains an unsubscribe link so users can easily stop receiving unwanted mail.

1. What does a preexisting business relationship mean?
Becoming the recipient of our email newsletter is the result of requesting information about the site, simply having offline contact with it, having responded to a survey or making a purchase from our site.

2. Providing consent
The e-mail recipients have been informed regarding the collection and use of their e-mail addresses and have given their consent to receive occasional newsletters and other relevant sales information.

3. Spam
Spam stands for using electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages, usually for advertising purposes.

4. Spam filter
Our e-mail system scans all incoming email and some of the messages could be reported as spam. When this happens, it means that the IP addresses and domain could be blacklisted.

5. Spam filtering issues
Since no filtering system is 100% accurate, incoming email can be reported as spam. When you don’t receive an answer to your email, it may mean that your message was sent to the spam folder. To reduce the risk of this happening, take some extra measures:

Send the message in plain text
Do not add attachments
Do not use terminology used by spammers
Scan your message for malware before sending it

6. User spam
We help users to send private messages to each other. Our term and conditions forbid using this service sending spam to others.

7. Receiving unwanted e-mails
In the case of receiving any message from our website that seems to be spam, please let us know using the below details. We will investigate and solve the issue.

8. Anti-spam policy changes
In the case of amending the policy, we will publish the new version on the website.

Contact us

For any question regarding the anti-spam policy, feel free to contact us at the below e-mail address:
Email Adress: francy.customer.service@gmail.com